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  • Jimmy Swartbooi: 

I think I like you guys. You very quick with your reactions and to call without a delay. You right on top of your business as you have promised thank you

  • Mrs. Desiree Harvie: 

Hi Ladies just want to share my experience with you all. A while ago i have downloaded this app with a panic button and today that app helped me. I was driving to Vincent this morning and on the highway my Tyre burst lucky i was driving slowly. I pulled off on highway and as a woman alone i was a little scared. Anyway i remembered i have this app on my phone so i press the location and in seconds a person phones me ask me if im okay and do i need assistance. I told him i was alone on highway waiting for my partner to come. He immediately told me a red alert car will come and wait with me. Ladies in minutes Red alert came to see if i were okay. So i thank this app and Red alert and the person at call center who phoned me about 3 times to make sure i am helped and not alone. So ladies check this app out it might help you in future.


  • Mr. Keith Richardson:

I just tested your App to see how quick the response will be and I must say that it was almost immediately, thank you for that.


  • Mrs. Gaylin Daniels: 

I have Tested the App and received very good service, I really appreciate it. 


  • Mr. Mashiye: 

I have tested the App a few times and the response time was marvellous. I have even tested the panic button in class to show the guys, it wasn’t even a minute then I got a call and obviously they were so impressed, they have asked me to give their telephone numbers to the Agent so they too can sign up.


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