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1. How much does the Project Help membership cost?

    Full Armed Response Service

  • R59,00 per main member per month
  • R39,00 per spouse per month
  • R39,00 per dependant per month  

2. Are the security responders armed?

  • Yes, all responders are PSIRA registered and armed 

3. How much does Project Help charge for event?

  • Your monthly subscription gives you unlimited panic's per year. We do however work on a fair usage policy if the service is abused on non-emergency related incidents

4. Does Project Help track my location when a panic is not activated?

  • No, Project Help does not track anyone unless they panic in

5. Who attends to alerts outside of the coverage map?

  • Project Help will assist through the dispatching of the local or closest SAPS to your emergency if our responders are out of coverage, or will take too long to get to you. We will never not try and get you help

6. What happens if I do not have any airtime or data?

  • If you do not have an active internet connection, the Project Help application will not function.
  • However you can call us on our toll free number for assistance 0800  111 743

7. Will I be covered on a national basis?

  • Yes we do have a national footprint and use the SAPS in areas where no response companies operate. 



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